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Made in Mexico by a traditonal clay ceramist. These are hand built and carry the 'Made in Mexico' stamp at the underside. Approximately 8" high x 5.5" wide cup opening.



Close your eyes, set an intention, & bring the copalera close to your heart. Align the charcoal at the bottom and use a long, lighted match to spark the charcoal, wait five minutes for the charcoal to heat up. Add your incense and offer the smudge to altars, people, places, or items that need cleansing and protection.


Discount offered on 6 or more single copaleras, please contact me before purchasing.

Copaleras - Smudge Vessels


Copaleras are originally made in Mexico to hold sacred Copal resin incense but in modern times we recognize that ALL cultures have sacred smudge offerings. 


I offer this beautiful, traditional design as a Smudge Vessel for all types of Smudge offerings. You can use copal, frankincense, myrrh, piñon, palo santo, or even just candles to offer blessings and cleanses with the Smudge Vessel.


The  basic color choice for these Smudge Vessels is for the purpose to harmonize with your meditation room or home. You can place these in any space to support the vibrations without compromising aesthetics.


If you want to add a TOTEM custom design, please contact me before buying so we can chat about the possibility of your vision.


You can choose the smudge vessel on it's own or a bundle which includes a 2 ounce Sacred Copal pouch and 4 charcoal bricks.


Copalera will be very well packaged but please advise immediately if there is any damage.


**All sales final, no refunds or returns accepted unless arrives damaged**

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