Curandera Remedies offers special events, wellness and harmonizing sessions in The Womb Tent,

a space for healing in Miami, Florida.

As well as custom sessions in the Virtual Tent for our international clients.

  • Two and a half hours of Relaxation & Healing in your home

    2 hr 30 min

    175 US dollars
  • One and a half hours of Relaxation

    1 hr

    125 US dollars
  • A quick cleanse

    45 min

    85 US dollars
  • A quick consultation or ‘platica’ concentrating on specific ailments.

    1 hr

    108 US dollars
  • In depth sessions where we discuss in detail misalignments

    1 hr 30 min

    125 US dollars
  • Vibrational remedies for emotional and mental support

    1 hr

    111 US dollars
  • Celebrating Ancestral Healing, Inspired by Dia de los Muertos

    40 US dollars
  • This is an introduction to Curandera Remedies healing sessions

    55 US dollars