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Curandera Remedies' Aromatherapy Oil Blends are carefully developed therapeutic, essential oil blends. Our blends are inspired by our travels, dreams, and magical essence of deities, flowers, & plants. Our essential oils are certified organic and the formulas are made in micro batches


made in a base of organic Jojoba oil, We suggest you use these as a moment to reconnect to your intentions or self-care practice by applying over the heart, behind the neck and a drop to you hands so you can inhale deeply... running  your hands through your hair and crown chakra to complete this one minute meditation.


a luxurious, ‘dry’ to the touch body oil. It is quick absorbing, leaving skin soft, subtle, and moisturized. Use this oil as part of your daily abhyanga massage, as a bath or hair oil. It is also a veil to your aromatherapy oil. Best when applied after bathing.


are a traditional folk formula of water, alcohol, & essential oils. These ‘waters’ are versatile as they can be used on the skin, hair, linens, or air. Developed to be used during ceremony and self care rituals, these waters are a simple pleasure sure to brighten your mood! We recommend use after shower, spritzing on linens, or in hair during summer days.


a silky & protective light lotion that is quick absorbing. Leaving skin velvety and moisturized. Use this lotion everyday to hydrate and heal dry skin. It is nourishing & works with your aromatherapy oil to cloud you in aroma.

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