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Chakra Alignment: Svadhisthana


Ingredients: Jojoba oil, Jasmine CO2 Absolute


For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!



Jasmine aromatherapy oil is a celebration of life, the scent is hypnotic, intense, and deeply floral. The single note is used to relax the body & bring together the dual energies of Masculine and Feminine.


This single note of Jasmine connects to creativity, sensuality, & divine beauty.


Essential oil magic

Jasmine is known as one of nature's best aphrodisiacs.


Arouses the energy of creativity & sensuality - It expresses hidden desires, stops circulating thoughts, and grounds auric energy in a gentle manner.


It heightens the perception of the 5 senses, increasing ‘sensory‘ experience & pleasure. It helps to heal unresolved sacral experiences for both men & women.

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