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Eaxh crystal is unique, please allow for deviation in pattern.


Approximate size: 3" long x 2" wide x 1.25" depth


Packaged in a cotton bag, naturally dyed. Includes a card on how to use and how to program your crystal for healing.

Golden Obsidian Crystal 'Soap'


Perfect for Auric cleansing, these Obsidian soaps are hand carved to a mirror finished from selected, Golden Obsidian crystal. They are heavy and cool to the touch.


Not found easily in the states, Mexican Curanderos (healers) use them to clear their auric fields and contain their energies. The 'soaps' can be used on the body and over clothes, to clear unwanted energies and recalibrate the vibrational syste. These beauties are the perfect size to hold in your hand.



While Black obsidian is a protective stone, of a grounding energy, Golden Obsidian not only helps to clear energetic smog but also allows for integration and transformation. Obsidian is not a crystal per say, it is volcanic glass. Lava that has cooled down in the earth and pressurized over time.


Golden Obsidian holds gas bubbles giving it the golden sheen. As such it not only  protects but calls on energetic space to hold and transmit vibration.


When you receive this 'crystal' take the time to program it with your intention of healing. A 'how-to' card is included that will support you in making this beauty your own.

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