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Our Shakti Essence Vibrational Collection is both energetic & plant based. They contain energetic remedies of flowers and crystals along with essential oil notes to round out & balance the physical with the emotional and auric bodies.


ROSA MYSTICA Ingredients: Reiki infused Mexican Wildcrafted Rose Hydrosol, Peony Bud & Daylily Floral Essence, Rose Quartz Crystal Essence


For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!

Rosa Mystica Shakti Essence


The Rosa Mystica Shakti Essence Mist is Inspired by the Virgin of healing with the golden rose... 


Using a base of Mexican Wild Rose Hydrosol I've crafted a vibrational mist you will absolutely love!! Infused with solar / lunar energy and energetic essences of Peony Bud, Daylily, & Rose Quartz Crystal. These energetic remedies were created to add the power of flower healing to your everyday. With constant use they will raise your auric energy, release resistance to manifestation, and allow beauty to ease into your being.


Rosa Mystica energetic formula nurtures love, sweetness, and acceptance for life so we can truly enjoy the gifts given by Grace. Made in meditation with the intention to expand the auric field and natural brilliance enrgy. Use with the purpose to unveil beauty during ceremony, meditation, self care, & beauty routine.



Since their creation by Dr Bach, vibrational remedies have been met with both awe and skepticism.

-they are NOT a distillation or extraction

-they have NO scent or texture

-there is no plant material

-they ARE an ENERGETIC imprint of the flower in water

As a vibrational, energetic flower essences in the Bach tradition are incredible support to the emotional and mental overwork we suffer today. They ease heartache, lift spirits, and nurture auric perception

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