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Before bed or quiet time, take 10 minutes to reconnect to your body. Set an intention to massage your major lymphatic areas to boost immunity & bring on tranquility. Warm the oil in your hands, apply as directed in the ritual card, massage with your gua shua, and follow up with a hot tea to promote the movement of the body's waters and remove toxins.



Ingredients: Rose infused Grapeseed & Fractionated Coconut oil, EO blend (Oman Frankincense, Italian Mandarin, Egytptian Rose)



For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!

Lymphatic Care Set


Curandera Remedies' therapeutic offerings are made to offer alternatives to your everyday products. They are carefully researched, developed & tested in the Folk Herbalism Tradition. Our essential oils used are certified organic and the base formulas are made in micro batches.


Enjoy in Good Health!

The Lymphatic Set includes our new Lotus Beauty Oil and your choice of Gua Sha for stimulating and massaging the major lymphatic areas of the chest and neck. The combination of essential oils stimulates the lymph system to purify the body. The Ritual Lymphatic Massage connects you to the body, helps gound, and feels rejuvenating.


The Lotus Beauty Oil begins with a solar infusion of Egyptian Rose and Indonesian Pink Lotus flowers in grapeseed oil. These add elasticity and softness to the skin. A unique blend of essential oils are added to give this beauty oil it's superb healing qualities:


- Omani Frankincense supports rejuvenation

- Italian Mandarin lifts the skin

- Egyptian Rose balances the oil distribution

- Pink Lotus holds moisture


Lotus Beauty Oil can be used on the entire face as either an oil cleanser or moisturizer. More details in the ritual cards included.


Do not use while pregnant or breasfeeding. 

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