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As with most vintage items, some of these Huipiles have slight defects and have been restored in some small ways. If you want more details please email me for more information.

Guatemalan Treasures

$125.00 Regular Price
$106.25Sale Price

Curandera Remedies offers a curated selection of direct trade items for body, mind, and home. Always beautiful & heirloom quality.


In the latest trip to Guatemala the textiles were extra-ordinary but the vintage Huipiles were like a capsule in time. Whether they were hand or machine embroidered, each was uniquely loved! The patterns are inspired by nature and the fabrics have body and a soft hand.


Huipilli is a Meso-American Indigenous word meaning ‘blouse’. Huipil is the shorten version of this word and today it represents the long caftan like dresses used by the Indigenous of Mexico and South America.


The Huipiles from Guatemala are true to their name. Originally blouses, some have been made into jackets and others have been open on the sides to be worn over ceremonial dresses and other long Huipiles.

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