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Fabric Contents: 100% Cotton Jersey 



  • length 28"
  • width at widest point 58"



  • length 28"
  • width at widest point 58"


*width measurements are full circumference*


6 piece Napkin Set includes:

2 small - 9” x 8”

2 medium - 16” x 11”

2 large - 18” x 24”



All inconsistencies & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty and makes each item unique.


Please care for this garment by hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent and air drying in the shade or medium dryer cycle. The color will run the first few washes, developing a more ‘vintage’ feel with wear.


Wear with Joy, repair when possible, pass on when no longer needed/ wanted, and if it's a 100% cotton style, cut up and feed the compost when ready to regenerate the earth.


$85.00 Regular Price
$72.25Sale Price

Curandera Remedies

CHROMA COLLECTION healing through color


Cacao Inspired Textile Offerings


Excited to share the first of these naturally printed t-shirts and kitchen napkins. They are eco-printed with Cacao Tea (peel), rose petals, cochineal powder, logwood and iron dust. Iron is what makes the cacao grey and the cochineal/ logwood purple. It was a test that turned out beautifully!! And we are happy to share the results in these naturally inspired and dyed goods.


Cacao Peel is a by-product of making Cacao Paste for the ceremonial drink. Part of the process in making this paste in hand peeling the cacao beans. A pain staking task done beautifully by woman on Maya communities. We were excited to see how cacao reacts with iron, leaving behind it's 'fingerprint' on fabric.

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