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All irregularities & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty. Please care for it by spot cleaning when necessary.

Brilliance Bracelets

Sorry, will be back soon!

Curandera Remedies’ sacred jewelry collection is uniquely designed & hand crafted with intention. It is inspired by mixed textures, finds from our travels, and mystical objects. The finished pieces are infused with Reiki and always bathed in an F sharp crystal bowl bath. 



These Herkimer Diamond bracelets are ready to be loved, Made with tiny diamond sparks, they are super shiny and catch the light JUST right!

Recommended for those who work with their hands in healing to bring light and expand the energy moving through the hand channels.

Note there is a bit of space so the sparks don’t rub together.

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