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To Experience: Before opening the bottle set an intention for your ritual experience... Take a few deep breaths... Pour a generously amount and massage the body with soft, circular strokes, allowing the oil to be absorbed. For a sweeter experience, oil can be lightly warmed in a water bath before application.



Ingredients: Grapeseed Oil infused with Yerba Santa, Cinnamon, Clove, Chamomile, Myrrh, proprietary blend of essential oils (mugwort, orange, lemongrass, petitgrain, benzoin resin) & phthalate free fragrance oil of neroli



For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!

Balsamo Floral


Curandera Remedies Balsamo Floral Ritual Body Potion is a nutritive and decadent body oil. Made in the Western Herbalism tradition by infusing herbs, flowers, & resins in a 30 day cycle with Solar & Lunar energy. It is Balancing and Harmonious to the physical, emotional, and auric bodies.


Use this oil to rest the mind, nourish the body, and free overwhelming energies that are held in the physical realm... As you use this oil weekly you'll feel lighter, connected, and focused. Can be used for massage, body, hair, bath, and anointing rituals.


Our proprietary Agua Floral aroma of citrus & spice essential oils is used in this oil in smaller quantities as the star itself is the infused oil which already carries the energy, constituents, and herbal love of the botanical formula we created specially for this experience.



Yerba Santa, protects the auric field and relaxes the physical body

Cinnamon, nurtures the fire element

Clove, supports grounding of the auric energy as it opens the body to receive touch

Myrrh, calls on healing and comfort to the three bodies: physical, emotional, & auric

Chamomile, builds on sweetness and relaxation

Mugwort, releases stuck energies



Mugwort, Chamomile, Cinnamaon, and Clove are know to cause sensitivity for some individuals, if you have any questions on this particular oil you can request a sample before purchasing.

AVOID if pregnant or lactating.

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