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Toltec Womb Ritual

Yoni Steam

  • 1 hour
  • 125 US dollars
  • The Womb Tent

Service Description

Mexican Parteras Curanderas, Doulas, have a long tradition of Womb Rituals for fertility and pre - post birth support. One of the most versatile is the yoni/ womb steaming with medicinal herbs. Know as Bajos, this process is the light steaming of the outer womb. As a ritual You will be held in a safe, clean, and beautiful space! You will sit for 30 minutes over an active steam of bespoke herbs, flowers, and for some oils. Allowing this softening process to warm, nourish, and cleanse the womb. Bajos are a wonderful way to connect to your womb when you are energetically cold and want to bring attention and a sense of pleasure. Our Yoni Throne is made of fragrant Canadian Cedarwood. It is shaped as a Goddess Triangle, allowing for full exposure of the womb while seating comfortably during the bajo. This is a treatment recommended for women who: - want to support fertility, by steaming during the luteal phase - regulate Moon Cycles - supports symptoms of Menopause and Perimenopause - activates the sacral energy - after giving birth to tone the womb or release energetic traumas - after trauma or miscarriage to completely clear the womb - want to restore harmony to the Womb space after hysterectomies - experience scar tissue from fibroid removal - experience recurring yeast infections and vaginitis This is NOT recommend for: - inducing labor - while on your Moon cycle or if you experience two cycles a month - currently use a plastic IUD or Nexplanon implant for contraception - suffering from a current yeast infection

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