Sankalpa Ceremony

A ceremony to bring us back to our heart center & discover our desires

  • 1 hour 30 minutes
  • 25 US dollars
  • The Womb Tent

Service Description

Sankalpa : (Sanskrit: संकल्प)“San” refers to the connection to the highest truth“Kalpa” means vow, or ‘the ultimate purpose’, also known as Dharma Step, by Step - one of the beautiful ways we move forward in life. We don’t always need to have figure it ALL out, it is actually better to figure out the next one or three steps of a goal before we move forward. 2022 Sankalpa Ceremony will be a ceremony to bring us back to our heart center and discover our desires to set meaningful intentions. This is a powerful ceremony that I have offered for 8 years to many who have manifested their deep desires and connected to a transformative space in their life. The evening will incorporate a guided meditation, journaling, sound bath, and offering to the Hindu God Ganesh - the energy of new beginnings. You will be graced with a remembrance of your Sankalpa. **These will be mailed to the virtual participants - please sign up by Dec 26th. Note this ceremony will NOT be recorded, attendance in person is required. Please wear comfortable clothes, preferably burgundy, red, brown, or black. Tickets are NON-refundable.

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