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TEALIXIR Bring your tea, water, and cup outdoors to connect deeper with your natural state. Or take a breathe before drinking by bringing your cup to your heart before taking a sip.


*Start with just boiled water, add 1 tablespoon of botanicals to 8oz water, let steep 5-10 minutes depending on preference. Add honey or sweetener to taste.   




Rose Tealixir: Wild Rose Buds and Petals


Lavender Earl Grey Tealixir: Organic Black Tea, Lavender & Cornflower Buds



VDay Tealixir Set


LIMITED EDITION Tealixir & Strainer Set


A sweet gift for the Valentine's Season, this set comes with an Botanical Tealixir and a Heart Tea Strainer you will use for years to come.


Packaged in Apothecary glass bottles, it makes for a beautiful addition to the tea shelf in your home.


Each strainer has a druzy crystal attached and holds frequency of Reiki healing charged by our founder, Josie.


Comes all together in a box ready for gifting.

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