Ojito Talisman Materials: Hand cast silver with a gold OR rose gold plating. Silver base allows the plating to be permanent, these beauties will not change color. Strung on silk thread, with appropriate color metal details.


Rainbow Talisman Materials: Hand cut Rainbow Tourmaline beads, strung on silk thread, with appropriate color metal details.


Hand crafted in our studio in Miami, Florida


All irregularities & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty. Please care for it by spot cleaning when necessary.

Talisman Jewels


Curandera Remedies’ sacred jewelry collection is uniquely designed & hand crafted with the intention of abundance under full moons. It is inspired by mixed textures, finds from our travels, and mystical objects. The finished pieces are infused with Reiki and always bathed in an F sharp crystal bowl bath.



Rainbow Talisman showcases hand cut Rainbow Tourmaline beads. Each knot is a made with the intention to bring you joy & balance. Rainbow Tourmaline promotes generosity, playfulness & happiness. It is said it brings all the Auric energies into balance as each color finds it resonance. The colors range from black, pink, green, yellow, and smoky. Included with your sacred jewels is our Palo Santo incense to smudge the talisman before wearing it or when you want to ground it’s energy. Packaged in a cotton pouch.



Ojito (Good Luck Eye) charm is a sweet & delicate talisman that can be worn everyday. It is hand cast in sterling silver with a Gold bath and strung on a matching silk thread with metal details. Included is a tiny bottle of our signature Agua Florida (ritual water) to anoint the talisman before wearing it or when you want to recharge it’s energy. Just add a drop to your finger and rub the Ojito for good luck. Packaged in a cotton pouch