To experience: Use 3 drops 3x a day under the tongue. Can apply 2-3 drops over the heart or added to baths.


Packaged in a .5 oz recyclable amber bottle with a dropper. Each essence comes with detailed instructions on how to use.


Ingredients: Purified water, brandy, crystal essence, OR floral essence.


A note on vibrational remedies...Since their creation by Dr Bach, vibrational remedies have been met with both awe and skepticism. They are NOT a distillation or extraction. They have NO scent or texture. And there is no material particles of them. They are an ENERGETIC imprint of the item in water. Because of this they are safe to use for anyone, any age, and have no contraindications. They are also safe to use with animals.


For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!

Shakti Essences Single Floral & Crystal


Our Shakti Essences are single formulas of crystals and flowers made in-house with the harmony of Lunar cycles and astrological alignments. These essences are crafted to be used on their own or by blending them yourself. All essences are made in meditation with the intention to harmonize the energetic body.

Vibrational Magic


Butterfly Pea Shakti Floral Essence nurtures the energy of the Yoni/Heart connection. Allows the Yoni to feel liberated & release trauma.

Cempasuchil Flower (Mexican Marigold) Shakti Floral Essence raises the energy of joy & bring on a sunny disposition. Connects to the Power Center of Manipura Chakra.

Evening Cactus Shakti Floral Essence allows the mind to rest by releasing circular thoughts. Brings on a sense of lightness & supports energy of ‘the visionary’, one who sees what others don’t.

Jasmine Flower Shakti Floral Essence magnifies the brilliance of the aura and soothes the heart energy.

Moonflower Shakti Floral Essence opens the channels of dream states and visions, connecting to the Third Eye. It brings lunar energy into manifestation cooling the auric body & mind.


Amethyst Shakti Crystal Essence focuses, calms, & balances energy

Clear Quartz Shakti Crystal Essence connects to the energy of the higher self, it clears the energy of the person, & amplifies the aura

Green Jade Shakti Crystal Essence bring on a sense of harmony & comfort. It reinforces the energetic connection of the heart/head energy and our relationship to nature.

Honey Calcite Shakti Crystal Essence encourages confidence & courage in a soft manner.

Labradorite Shakti Crystal Essence reinforces intuition and a sense of magic in the everyday. It connects the energy of ‘living and dreaming

Obsidian Shakti Crystal Essence grounds the auric body to the center of the earth. It clears auric smog & promotes release of unwanted energy.

Poly Chrome Jasper Shakti Crystal Essence promotes joyful energy, raIses creativity, & vitality.

Rose Quartz Shakti Crystal Essence nurtures the energy of compassion, brings on a sense of peace & promotes self love

Red Carnelian Shakti Crystal Essence promotes passionate energy. It raises motivation & creative juices. Nurtures the Womb/Heart energy

Tourmaline Shakti Crystal Essence protects and clears auric body from unwanted energy.