If you love a mystery and our wonderful offerings these boxes are for you!

Secretos Boxes


Curandera Remedies Secretos Boxes are a way to share products that are not exactly 'photo' ready . They are a joyous surprise of full size, lifestyle, and home items  that either have a little wear-n-tear from traveling or have been opened for photoshoots (but not used) or are over stock.


There is a few things you might receive include (but not limited to):

  • body potion
  • a crystal
  • a hand woven pouch
  • an arometherapy oil
  • botanical deodorant
  • loose tea
  • ???

You cannot choose what's in the box, but I do curate the contents with much thought. 

The cost on the boxes is also 50-60% off retail.

*Due to the nature of the offering NO RETURNS are accepted*