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Protection & Limpia Talisman Materials:

OBSIDIAN MIRROR - Hand cut and carved with a curved & smooth finish. It is small at approx 1/2".  Gold fill chain is 16" long.


OBSIDIAN CHOKER - Gold coated center beads with green obsidian faceted beads. Approximately 18" long by 4mm.


Hand crafted in our studio in Miami, Florida


All irregularities & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty. Please care for it by spot cleaning when necessary.

Protection & Limpia Talismans


Curandera Remedies’ sacred jewelry collection is uniquely designed & hand crafted with the intention of abundance under full moons. It is inspired by mixed textures, finds from our travels, and mystical objects. The finished pieces are infused with Reiki and always bathed in an F sharp crystal bowl bath. **This set of jewelry was made under the August 2023 Full Moon**



  • Black Obsidian
  • Hand cut & polished
  • 14kt wire bound with loop for hanging
  • Chain option - 14kt gold fill chain 16" long



  • Green Obsidian gem quality, hand cut beads
  • 12kt gold coated silver beads
  • 14kt ends and closure



Obsidian is know as a 'crystal' of Protection & Limpia of energy. Specifically the clearing of auric 'smog'. These talismans are not only beautiful but will keep your frequency high and auric body free of unwanted energies.


Obsidian is not a real crystal, it is crystalized, pressurized lava. It has a direct electromagnetic connection to the center of the earth. Hence it is a wonderful 'crystal' for grounding and to nurture the Earth Element. It can also support and bring comfort to anyone who is an Earth elemental but needs to be reminded of their purpose. 


Obsidian is used by Curanderos in Mexico to keep their energy fields clear of unwanted energy. As a talisman, Obsidian resonates as a shield to keep your energy high and unwanted frequencies at bay.


"I aim to make functional AND beautiful talismans. Not only do they protect, they are infused with Venusian aesthetics." Josie - Modern Curandera and Creatrix of Curandera Remedies


Pair it with our Obsidian Crystal esssence for truly pristine vibrations! You can find that here.

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