To Experience:

AGUA FLORAL Use as a cleanser to your ritual tools and altars. Sprinkle Agua Florales in any ritual to cleanse & bless the space. Can be used on the body as a Cologne, in the bath and even in the wash.


ENCANTADO SOAP Lather up in the shower, take a deep breath, washover your body with the intention to bring in Prosperity into your life.


ALTAR CANDLE Take a moment to close your eyes & breathe in the aroma of the candle. Whisper your intentions, light the fire and place the candle on your altar.  


Agua Floral Ingredients: Agua Ardiente (sugarcane alcohol 151 proof), proprietary blend of essential oils (orange, lemongrass, petitgrain, benzoin resin) & phthalate free fragrance oil of neroli


Encantado Soap Ingredients: Reiki Energized Botanical Infused Water, Aloe Vera gel, Coconut Oil, EO blend (orange, lemongrass, petitgrain, benzoin resin) & phthalate free fragrance oil of neroli


Altar Candle Ingredients: Soy wax, candelilla wax, EO blend (orange, lemongrass, petitgrain, benzoin resin) & phthalate free fragrance oil of neroli


For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!




Curandera Remedies Prosperidad Collection is inspired on the Mexican New Year's tradition to gifting a decorated & enchanted Aloe Vera plant for "Buena Suerte & Prosperidad" - Good Luck & Prosperity. 

Using our Agua Floral Neroli citrus aroma, these new offerings are the most magical way to ring in the New Year with high vibes & intentions. We recommend this as a gift to yourself or your loved ones!

Choose from Agua Floral - Ritual Water, Encantado Soap, or Altar Candle.  These are all adorned by the beautiful Prosperidad drawing by my Mom, along with a botanical dyed ribbon & golden Mexican Milagro.


Adorned with a selected blend of natural botanicals:

PROSPERITY - abundance seeds, cinnamom

GOOD LUCK - aloe vera strips

PROTECTION - oregano

ALCHEMY - gold leaf & golden mica