Ingredients: Reiki Energized Botanical Infused Waters, Coconut Oil, EO blend - ingredients vary per soap, see individual descriptions 

For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!

Encantados - Magikal Soaps


Curandera Soaps are here!!! After a few months of diving into both intuition & herbal formulation I can finally share these amazing soaps! They are 100% coconut oil based, a true soap that has been curing for 4 weeks to achieve it full potential. 

We were inspired to make them so the can support your Lunar gathering, ceremonies, rituals, sacraments, worships, and even daily shower - specially if you do healing work. Use these soaps as a way to focus your intentions before you move into the action. Wash your hands before crafting magikal goods, or hands on healing sessions. Bring them into the shower to center, purify, or support your body.


Made with charcoal, tourmaline crystal essence, & our amazing Agua Floral eo blend, this soap is meant to clear all negative energy from your auric field. We used Rue from our garden to infused the water we used as well as decorate the top of the soap. A wonderful soap bar for healers, Reiki practitioners, first responders, & social workers.


A soap that inspires self love, loving kindness,  & compassion. It is decorated with hand dried Rose buds and infused with Rose Quartz Essence, Geranium & Australian Rosewood eo. It is a bright aroma that will sure open your heart space. This soap is for anyone looking to expand their love-ing of life, best for introverts, new fathers, anyone experiencing separation anxiety or depression.


Intented to focus the intentions before beginning any craft, ceremony, or worship - this soap will purify the auric energy to bring on radiance. Infused with Star Jasmine flower essence & three variants of Cedarwood eos, this soap will 'polish' the energy. A good option for doulas, Reiki Masters, and anyone who is filled with gratitude and wants to expand this energy. This soap can be used in unison with the Limpia soap for healers - Purification before a session & Limpia after a session.


A favorite blend of litsea & cassia eo make this soap a wonderful 'magnet of attraction'. The sweet aroma energizes the creative energy of the auric body, while the chamomile & cinnamon botanicals delight the senses. Try this soap when working with money/luck charms, vision boards, or manifestation circles.


Infused with Mugwort eo and botanical, this soap serves to protect the auric energy and activate the 'third eye'. It is also infused with Evening Cactus flower essence to promote magikal vision and can be used before bed to awaken 'dream time'. This is the soap for Tarot readers, intuitive mediums, and anyone who uses the magikal realm of divination as their main guide in life.