Patchwork piece contents:

100% Rayon Challis, 72%Cotton 28% Rayon Textured Gauze, 55% Nettle 45% Cotton Broadcloth


Short Robe

  • length 30"
  • width 68"


Short Open Poncho

  • length 32"
  • width 78"


Long Huipil (Caftan)

  • length 38"
  • width 52"


Long Open Huipil (Caftan)

  • length 38"
  • width 46"


*width measurements are full circumference*


All inconsistencies & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty and makes each item unique.


Please care for this garment by hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent and air drying in the shade or medium dryer cycle. The color will run the first few washes, developing a more ‘vintage’ feel with wear.


Wear with Joy, repair when possible, pass on when no longer needed/ wanted, and if it's a 100% cotton style, cut up and feed the compost when ready to regenerate the earth.


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Curandera Remedies

CHROMA COLLECTION healing through color

Chromotherapy has been used through millennia for it’s benefits on body function & mental states. One of the ways to experience this healing modality is to wear the color daily and be surrounded by the vibration of the play between clothing color and light.


The dye process includes the use of Reiki potentized water, lunar schedule, and meditative attention to pick the colors of each collection.


This first collection is inspired by the three primordial energies:

  • Motion . Stillness . Neutrality


These energies influence the three states of being:

  • Physical . Mental . Ethereal


The colors chosen are directly linked to their vibrational influence:


  • Grounding with a blend of Walnut Husk, Myrobalan, Iron, & Indigo - Brown resonating with EARTH
  • Stimulating with Madder Orange, resonating with HEART
  • Neutralizing via Logwood & Iron - Violet and Indigo Blue resonating with MIND

The Earth offers a deep sense of calm.

The Mind creates a bridge between the physical and etheral.


Soft & fluid, the patchwork blend offerings are a beautiful way to see theplay of color as it settles on three different fabrics. Each garment was engineered  with the fabric to fit the size and shape of the design. All pieces can be worn with any part of your current wardrobe or along with the same hue bodysuits offered in the Chroma Collection.


Choose through intuition, the body/mind knows what it needs. 

Recommended to wear atleast 4 hours a day in the daytime but not in direct sun. If you wish to wear in direct sun, note the plant dyes will develop into more vintage like hues.


Each garment takes approximately 8 hours to complete. This method is sustainable, natural, with no chemical dyes or waste. We use only organic or heirloom fibers from global makers that use sustainable practices within their communities. The botanically dyes are created with natural, plant powders from organic farms or heritage dye communities.