Contents 100% Organic Cotton


  • *Chest 44"
  • Hem 64"
  • Shoulder to Hem Length 42"


*measurements are circumference*


All inconsistencies & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty and makes each item unique. Please care for this garment by hand washing in cool water with a mild detergent and air drying in the shade or medium dryer cycle. The color will run the first few washes, developing a more ‘vintage’ feel with wear. Wear with Joy, repair when possible, pass on when no longer needed/ wanted, and if it's a 100% cotton style, cut up and feed the compost when ready to regenerate the earth.

Ceremonial Dresses

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Curandera Remedies Ceremonial Wear for Intentional Living


We use only organic fibers from global makers that use sustainable practices within their communities. The botanically dyes are created with natural, plant powders from organic farms or heritage dye communities.


The dye process includes the use of Reiki potentized water, lunar schedule, and meditative attention while creating the patterns. Each garment takes approximately 8 hours to complete. This method is sustainable, natural, with no chemical dyes or waste. Designs are made using a Japanese resist technique, Shibori, where patterns are created by twisting and gathering the fabric.


The combination of colors are specific resonance, felt over the physical and auric bodies, uplifting the wearer & supporting healing of the various bodies via Chromotherapy, color therapy.



This pretty batch of dresses is dyed with two distinct techniques. One is the bundle and trhe other is the Nui.


In the bundle technique the fabric is rolled with the flowers in between the roll and them steamed. Leaving behind the floral petal imprint on the fabrics.


The Nui technique is stiching blocks of fabric with a needle creating a stained glass pattern.


Each dress taken between 8-10 hours to complete and hold the resonance of January's Full Moon.


The fit of these dresses is very generous and they are great as a bata, house dress, or as a Spring ready piece for gardeing or outdoor brunches.


Plants used to dye these include madder, marigolds, black walnut, and indigo. These plants resonate with energizing energy and warmth.