Outer Materials: Ethically sourced sheep wool, carded and dyed in the US.

Inner Materials: Organic Herbs & Ethical crystals from various studios. Organic essential oils / tinctures. 

Hand felted in our studio in Miami, Florida


All irregularities & variations in the colors/texture are characteristic of the handmade craft, it’s part of it’s natural beauty. Please care for it by spot cleaning when necessary. Keep away from pets and flunctuations of weather (extreme hot or cold).

Ancestor Eggs - Felted Energy Channels


Our felted dolls and dream eggs are an extension of the healing work of herbs. They are medicine bundles with beautifully crafted exteriors. The Dream Eggs are Ancestral portals. The Doll are magical beings. Each bring bespoke medicine and healing.

Inspired by our Shakti Essences, these 4 Ancestor Eggs are channels for the energies of:




Joie de Vivre

Each is filled with the herbs that bring the energy into manisfestation, felted with a unque Sigil channeled through meditation.

The faces of each Ancestor are felted in the moment, lead by my intuition. I know they will speak to one of YOU as your ancestor and guide.

Each felted being comes with a circular stand, mini Shakti Essence mist, and information card.