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To Experience: Use as a manifestation & protection ritual water for your space, tools, and body. Sprinkle Agua Violeta in any ritual to cleanse & bless the space. Can be used on the body as a Cologne, in the bath and even in the wash.


Ingredients: Agua Ardiente (sugarcane alcohol 100 proof), Butterfly Pea Tincture, proprietary blend of essential oils (orange, lemongrass, petitgrain, benzoin resin) & phthalate free fragrance oil of violet, Cloves, Cinnamom, Star Anise, and Delphinum Florals/ Petals.



For external use only. Store in a cool & dry place. Due to the high content of essential oils we recommend asking for a sample to make sure this product loves you as much as we love you!


NOTE While we try very hard to show you current stock, we are currently in the middle of new labels and these may not be shown in the product images.

Agua Violeta


Curandera Remedies Agua Violeta Ritual Water is a type of 'eau de cologne,' traditionally used by Caribbean Spiritualists to protect children and attract 'buena suerte' (good vibes). It is an alcohol base cologne, that can also be used in the bath, laundry, and as an anointing tool. Made in the Curanderismo tradition of folk herbal magik to support auric clearing, manifestation, lunar, and/ or devotional rituals.


Our propriatry aroma is a blend of reminiscent of natural colognes from the 40's. The scent is sweet, mossy, dewy, and powdery. It is colored naturally with Butterfly Pea flowers and contains cinnamon, clove, & anise star botanicals along with gold flecks for alchemical frequencies. Delphiniums add the magical touch of floral power to connect to the essence of animalic enchantment of Dolphin beauty.  Which includes their grace, joy, and compassion.



The scent of violet flowers is unique, it vanishes as soon as it is sensed by the nose. Empress Josephine was a lover of Violetas and used them as decoration, aroma, and to signify her never ending love for Napoleon. 


Violetas has been used by Spaniard and Caribbean spiritualists for over a hundred years. Folklore mentions the sweet scent will attract all that you desire! Because it is softer than the Agua Florales, it was used on children for protection for 'Mal de Ojo' (evil eye). It is tradition to add a small amount to a glass of water that is kept by the main house door, as the sweet scent will 'repell' any unwanted visitors.


Agua Violeta is a precious and unique blend. We recommend it be used on the crown of the head and over the heart. Allowing for the sweet scent to envelope your aura.

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