The life of a holistic, spiritual person is flled with many aspects. Our practices sometimes require magical details. Here are a few tokens you might want to gift to yourself or your loved ones. Reminders to stay connected, grounded, & living miracles.



Our incense line offers unique choices for all kinds of devotional practices.

Indian Vrindavan Flower - Mexican Copal - Black Copal - White Sage - Sweet Myrrh


Altar Candles

These special altar candles are hand poured, micro batch made. They are a great addition to your asana practice, altar or used to enhance the mood of a room. They give a beautiful glow and scent!!

I AM LOVE - Vintage Jars


Felt Dolls

Curandera Remedies' Tinctures are made in the traditional folk method with organic dry material & grain alcohol (25% alcohol). A tincture is a liquid herbal preparation in which the active ingredient of an herb is extracted in alcohol. Similar to a tea but much more concentrated with a stronger taste. Tinctures are ingested orally, on their own or by adding to another liquid.

Artesana - Artesano - Guerrero - Curandero

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