The keepers of dreams, secrets, & sacred language…. 


Inspired by the stone & precious gem burial dolls of the Aztecs, these felt dolls are a small village representing the indigenous people of Mexico, Central & South America. 


These beautiful dolls have been designed & drawn with traditional indigenous features, garments & body art. The 4 pieces include artesanos (artisans), a guerrero (warrior), & a curandero (medicine man).


Artesana - Artesano - Guerrero - Curandero


All pieces are stuffed with natural cotton that has been sprayed with the 'Unwind' herbal oil, giving them a soft, relaxing scent. Making these dolls perfect for children, altars, as guardians, & protectors.


Materials: Hand screened wool (water based ink or metallic ink), 100% unbleached cotton stuffing. Spot clean when necessary.

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