Curandera Remedies' Altar Candles are inspired by the '7-day candles' used by my grandmother. They are made with a mix of organic essential oils and safe fragrance oils, phthalate & paraben free.  The selection of aromas are seasonal and made in micro batches.


I AM LOVE - a hand written golden mantra, an affirmation to your divine self. Use this candle as a reminder that love is all around you. These beauty-full candles are a simple touch & give a beautiful glow & scent to any space!!


Majmua - Neroli - Rose - Vetiver - Sumo - Geisha


Hand poured in a reusable, recyclable glass container these candles have an approximate 70 hour burn time. Made with organic non GMO soy & candelilla waxes, cotton wick, and removable outer craft packaging.


Vintage Jars - the attic of our house held many treasures, amongst these we found tons of vintage jars. These jars are from old spices and condiments of the 40's and 50's. Hand painted in gold and filled with the exotic & grounding Majmua essence oil. Sweet little gifts for any occasion.

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