The Bath & Body collection is a curated set of products used for everyday wellbeing & body mind harmonizing. Each is handmade and filled with herbal love!


Aromatherapy Blends 

Our blends are carefully developed aromatherapy blends. Using certified, therapy grade, organic essential oils & made in micro batches.

Kali - Shiva - Devi - White Amber - Majmua - M Blend - Corazon - Aphrodite - Shi-tali - Sumo - Geisha


Body Potion Oil 

A luxurious and delicate blend of nature’s star oils, the body potion oil is ‘dry’ to the touch & quick absorbing. Leaving skin soft, subtle, and moisturized.

Available in all the Aromatherapy Blends


Hand Crafted Soap Bars

These handmade soaps leave skin fresh and clean. They use the same therapeutic, grade essential oils used in our wellness studio. The scent is purposely subtle as to not interfere with your daily aromatherapy practice. Each batch is micro made with purpose and usually not repeated.

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