Curandera Remedies' Essential Oil Blends are carefully developed therapeutic, aroma therapy blends. Aromatherapy works by activating the pineal gland with the use of the smell sense. The 'aroma' trigers the body chemistry in the same manners as using the essential oils on the skin.  Our essential oils are certified organic and the base formulas are made in micro batches. The White Amber is undiluted with a touch of Vitamin E.

Each individual bottle is packaged at time of order for the freshest product. The final oils are packaged in recyclable 1/4oz amber glass bottles to protect them from deterioration. The glass applicator is the best manner to keep your oil from contamination and can be used as a ‘dropper’ as well.

Kali Aromatherapy Oil is inspired by the goddess of time and change. This blend is deeply relaxing, protective, & soothing. Use this EO in times of distress & renewal.

*Ylang ylang helps to soothe anger & fear - Lavender is balancing, healing, & sedative - Bergamot is uplifting & protects from negativity

Chakra Alignment: Muladhara


Shiva Aromatherapy Oil was created to honor the God of Yoga. The blend is an herbacious, scent with an ashy finish that will aid you in invoking this Mahayogi and his Yogic qualities. Use during asana practice.

*Tangerine is hypnotic & unlocks creativity - Clary Sage clears & opens the ‘third eye’ - Cedarwood Atlas is grounding, removes the ego & aids in connecting to your ‘higher purpose’ - Bergamot is uplifting & protects from negativity - Black Pepper & Sage Dalmatia stimulate & clear the mind

Chakra Alignment: Ajna

Devi Aromatherapy Oil is an ode to the Goddess spirit in all. A full bouquet of spicy, floral, musky notes. The blend of majmua and rose lift the spirit, comfort the heart, & reconnects to the inner guides. 

*Majmua relaxes the mind & keeps the body stimulated - Rose harmonizes the spirit & nervous system 

Chakra Alignment: Anahata

Majmua Aromatherapy Oil is a classic South Indian Attar. It is made in a traditional ancient method of pressure and distillation of a proprietary blend of resins, spices, & herbs. This blend is a true spicy musk.

*Majmua is an excellent oil to use during mantra meditation as it aids in relaxing the mind & keeping the body stimulated

Chakra Alignment: Svadhisthana


Sumo Aromatherapy Oil is inspired by Sumo wrestling, originally a Shinto ritual. A dance ritual, where one danced with a kami (japanese spirit). This aromatherapy oil is a unique blend that inspires courage during the ‘dance of life’.

*Vetiver is uplifting & energetically grounding - Black Pepper stimulates the mind & inspires courage - Lemongrass refreshes the spirit - Peppermint helps in ‘keeping your cool'

Chakra Alignment: Manipura, Vissudha


Geisha Aromatherapy Oil is an ode to the original female artist. Japanese Geishas train for many years to learn the arts of serving tea, dance, & conversation. Use this oil when you want to reconnect & awaken your inner artist

*Ho Wood inspires courage - Lavender is balancing, healing, & sedative - Cardamom clears the mind - Spikenard protects & purifies the spirit

Chakra Alignment: Muladhara, Svadhisthana




'M’ Blend Aromatherapy Oil was formulated after dreaming with Mary Magdalene. I woke with a peculiar scent all around me, a mix of garden roses, limes, and incense. This powerful blend is my humble interpretation of this unique experience. It was made to inspire patience, faith, and miracles. It is a great companion to meditation & rosary prayer.

*Rose Otto *harmonizes the spirit & nervous system - Chamomile is relaxing & invokes serenity - Indian Patchouli focuses & grounds the mind - Lime & Bergamot lift the spirit, keeps you focused & wards off negativity

Chakra Alignement: Anahata, Vissudha


Corazon Aromatherapy Oil is a special blend of Bulgarian Rose Otto & Egyptian Rose de Mai. Two full bodied, sweet, & true rose oils. It was made with the intention to support the opening, healing of the heart & spirit.

*Rose is the traditional ‘heart opener’ essential oil, it has the capacity to induce deep happiness. Hence the saying ‘rose colored glasses’

Chakra Alignment: Anahata


Aphrodite Aromatherapy Oil was created as a celebration of life. The single note of Jasmine is used in this aromatherapy oil to connect to the creativity, sensuality, & divine beauty. As the goddess herself, the scent of Jasmine is deep, intense, and exotic.

*Jasmine is known as one of the best aphrodisiacs, it heightens the perception of the 5 senses, increasing ‘sensory‘ experience & pleasure

Chakra Alignment: Svadhisthana





*This statement has not been evaluated by the FDA, this product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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